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with Zuzana

About  The Nutrition Talk

  • Are you overwhelmed with all the information found on Google and all the short-term diets that never work?

  • Do you feel lost in the world of nutrition?

  • Do you wish to get in better shape? Lose weight? Gain muscle?

  • Do you suffer from digestive discomfort?

  • Maybe you struggle with various skin conditions like acne or eczema?

I have been there, and I may have few answers for you!


The food we eat acts as fuel for our body and it has a huge impact on many aspects of our life. I am here to give you guidance in this "mystery" world of nutrition. Gain more clarity about how your body function, what it needs to run properly, and how the food you eat affects your energy, mood, and appearance. Your safe space to learn and grow, ask questions and share your feelings in the 1:1 environment.

  • When: whenever it suits you (just select the available day and time from the calendar)

  • Where: Via Zoom (whether you are at home, or outside for a walk, you can hop on the call and join the talk from anywhere in the world)

  • Price: 55 EUR per session

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