Why should Nutrition be on the Top of your Priority list?

Do you dream to improve your health, figure, mood, and overall lifestyle? Then re-arrange your priority list!

I have set the NUTRITION on the TOP of my priority list a few years ago and it is there since. I enjoy my meals and desserts like I never did before, not only because it tastes well, but also cause my body thanks me with plenty of energy, glowing skin & hair, improved digestive and hormonal system and so much more!

I hear this often: "I want to get slim and fit but have no time to go to the gym or to cook healthy meals."

We all have 24 hours each day and it's up to YOU how you use it.

You may spend that time by scrolling Instagram and being jealous of all those girls with gorgeous figures and glowing skin, strong bodybuilders with incredible physic, or you can use that time to think about how you actually spend your 24 hours.

I know we spend most of the day out of the house, at work/school, then rushing to a gym, picking up the kids, or taking a dog for a walk. We constantly rush and often forget to eat or even drink. When you finally arrive home late in the evening I believe you may be tired and you have no mood to start cooking the nutritious food and that's exactly where we reach for junk food, take something out of the freezer, or order pizza.

But you should stop for a while and think about yourself, what your body needs to function properly, to prevent sickness and injuries.

Like the cars need fuel, flowers need water we humans need our own fuel: food and water. Without hydration and nutrition, our body can't run properly and may start giving us signs of being unwell like a headache, acne, dry skin, digestive issues or more serious symptoms which needs to be later treated by a doctor and medication.

With proper nutrition, you can not only get lean and fit but also your overall health and mood will improve. Our body is a very complex "mechanism" which requires our DAILY care, not only 2 weeks "soup" diet or other temporary diets.

A healthy balanced diet should not be your diet, but your lifestyle.

It doesn't mean you have to eat on daily basis the steamed chicken with broccoli and wholegrain rice, no, there is so much more out there that this planet has to offer you.

Take a piece of paper or notes on your phone and write your daily activities down, then set them in order based on your priorities and dedicate a specific time for them. Most likely on the top of the list will be our daily duties like work, school, and family, but make sure to include also essentials like time for dinner and some self-care. Maybe even plan 5 minutes morning Yoga routine and 15 minutes for some nice breakfast afterwards. Squeeze 30 minutes' time for your lunch break in your busy work schedule not only to nourish your body but also to relax your mind and recharge from the inside out.

Your body will thank you!

Lots of Love