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The Importance of Nutrition in our Life (Top 5 Rules)

Whether you are trying to improve your health, lose some extra fat, get stronger or simply change your body type, the key to success is the NUTRITION. But what is the best approach for you? So many different diets out there and different opinions of people around you. Are you getting just confused by it all?

"We are what we eat"

We are all humans, but everyone is different by gender, body type, skin colour, age and so many more differences we have from each other. Therefore it shouldn't be a surprise, that also from the inside we vary and we/our body has different needs.


I have learned a few basic rules over time, which helped ME to become healthier, stronger and confident and that's why I want to share it all with you:

Rule no.1: EAT & DRINK often

This is the most important of all, as your body needs fuel to keep running every single day, no matter if you spend all day in your bed, don't forget that all the organs in your body work even when you physically don't move.

Eat OFTEN not A LOT makes a big difference, as a constant food supply will make sure you don't run out of energy and also your body will learn, that there is no need to store that fat anymore (just in case it runs out of fuel).


Before you begin with any adjustments in your diet, try to learn what your body actually needs to run properly and from what sources you can obtain it. Learn the basics about macro and micronutrients and how to count your daily calorie intake (just approximately, no need to count every gram ).

There are many APPS that can count the macros and calories for you and help you get started.


Some signs of poor or incorrect diet are pretty obvious like dry skin and hair, broken nails, acne, digestive issues, weakness, low immune system or even more serious symptoms can occur if you are low on some nutrition. Your body can talk to you, just listen carefully and it will tell you what it needs or what it dislikes.


If you are trying to change your lifestyle or improve your health, it's very important to understand and learn the effect of things like alcohol, junk food, sugar or overeating on your body. It will help you to stick to your healthy choices and good habits instead of falling back!

Rule no.5: LEARN TO SAY NO

There is plenty of temptation in this world and one of them is cravings. It will be hard at the beginning of your journey, as your body was used to certain foods and the absence will be noticed. After some time your body will adapt to a new healthy diet and I promise there will be sugar cravings no more. Don't eat with your eyes, be smart and learn to say NO!


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