Quick Goat Cheese Salad

Quick, yummy and packed with protein and nutrition! Try this simple goat cheese salad as a snack, lunch or even as a dinner option!

Goat cheese has fewer allergenic proteins and causes less inflammation than cows milk products. It's high in calcium and fatty acids but low in cholesterol. Packed with protein and calcium it is the perfect meat replacement!

Together with one serving of almonds (1 handful),which has about 14 grams of healthy fats, and 6 grams of protein and 2 handfuls of rocket, which will provide you with 20 percent of vitamin A, over 50 percent of vitamin K, 8 percent of vitamin C, and calcium needs for the day! Doesn't this combination sounds like all you need?


  1. Simply plate two handfuls of rocket and top with few slices of goat cheese.

  2. Roast some almonds in a non-stick skillet, chop the nuts and top your salad for extra crunch.

  3. To taste it all up take one teaspoon of honey and spread it over your salad!



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