Need Some Meal Prep Inspiration? X.

Can't wait for the week to begin so I can have all that food I have prepared. It is the great feeling to have everything ready and don't need to worry about what to cook + all that cleaning! Feel free to get inspired by my meal prep too!

This is the meal prep for 3-4 days for 2 persons (man+woman) breakfast, 2x snack, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast (woman)

Real chocolate oatmeal in 2 minutes (I have shared the recipe on my Instagram)

Breakfast (man)

Cottage cheese with some toast (not on the picture) & banana

Snacks (woman)

Activia yogurt with cereals + mandarin + cereal biscuits

Snacks (man)

Greek yogurt with honey + mandarin + protein bar


Chicken served on fresh spinach leaves with quinoa and grilled vegetables


Chili con carne with wholegrain pasta

Lots of Love


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