How the movement affected my life and how it affects yours

I am lucky enough, that my parents were both in professional sports, and therefore as a child, I was growing up with a very active lifestyle filled with various types of movement, sports, and fun activities.

But once I become a teenager and more independent I start being responsible for my own time "well spend". Eventually, I stopped attending our family trips to nature and doing sports with them, so I could hang out with my friends or just stay home in my comfort zone.

As a result of my unhealthy lifestyle, with too little movement and whatever diet, I have not only gained weight but also my immune system, digestion and skin suffered, so doctors' visits become more frequent.

“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.” - Jim Rohn

Luckily, I came back to my senses when I was 18 years old and my fitness journey has begun.

I have started feeling stronger, more energized, my skin, digestion, and even mood improved almost immediately.

Now it's more than 10 years since I have fallen in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle enjoying all the benefits of it from a strong body and mind to sexy abs!

I wrote this article, as I want to inspire you to get moving as well, to enjoy your life to the fullest, as you meant to do.

What is the movement?

Movement is a fundamental aspect of life and it affects how we feel physically and emotionally. Movement is more than just 'exercise' and does not necessarily require effort, though it does require action.

There are seven basic movements the human body can perform and all other exercises are merely variations of these seven: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation, and Gait. When performing all of these movements, you will be able to stimulate all of the major muscle groups in your body.

People who change their bodies with exercise (rather than dieting) feel better — about their bodies, about their capabilities, about their health, and their overall quality of life.

Movement benefits:

1. Healthy body weight.

2. Improved metabolism (Digestion).

3. Disease prevention.