It's not a FAT like a FAT

Have you also grown up being told to avoid FAT as much as possible and replace it for LOW FAT products? Do you think that fat makes you actually fat? If yes, then keep reading to learn the truth once for all.

Fat is one of the 3 main macronutrients necessary for our survival along with carbs and protein should be balanced in our daily diet.

We need fats not only for healthy glowing skin, strong hair and nails but mostly for the proper brain and cell function. Fat is also the source of energy for our body when carbs are not available and crucial for hormone production.

We have to realize that there are different types of fats:

1. Saturated fats are the solid fats found mostly in meat and dairy products like cheese and butter but also fish and tropical oils like coconut or palm oil. They can higher your cholesterol levels, but they come with many health benefits especially coconut oil and fish.

2. Unsaturated fats (mono & polyunsaturated) are liquid forms made out of the plans and nuts but they are found also in see food, avocado and seeds. This type of fat is essential for our body, especially Omega 3-6-9 helps to regulate cholesterol levels in our blood.

3. Trans fats are processed fats found in chips, refined oils, margarine and most snacks and cookies. They can higher your cholesterol easily and your body has no need for this type of fat whatsoever. Try to keep the products full of trans fats out of your reach.

Remember, when you decide to reach for a low-fat version of any product, the fat naturally found in this product is replaced with sugars, which is actually bad for our health, so stick to a high-fat option instead.

But don't forget that it's all about the balance when it comes to a healthy diet and therefore it's important to balance high-fat food with some carbs and protein to reach a perfectly balanced meal and stay happy, healthy and beautiful!

If you wish to learn more about how the food you eat affects your life, and how to make the right choices on plate stress-free, contact me to schedule a 1:1 Nutrition Talk.

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