Confidence Changed my Life

I have been there, sitting with my head down in a room full of people, afraid to speak up and present all my great ideas, afraid to ask for what I really want or say what I think missing on the opportunities that could help me to live the life I always wanted.

The reason that so many people never fulfil their potential is not a lack of intelligence, opportunity, or resources, but a lack of belief in themselves; in another way: too little self-confidence.

“Most people live in a restricted circle of potential.” -William James


We are often miss led by the thought that if we have too high confidence we may become narcissistic. But there is a big difference between confidence and narcissism. Confidence instils a personal sense of being capable and competent, while narcissism encompasses a sense of superiority over others. Narcissism can be the result of insecurities and used as a defence mechanism, while confidence comes from self-awareness and belief in oneself.

With the thought that I DO NOT want to become narcissistic and instead remain a humble, kind, and carrying person I have never thought to do anything that would make me confident. The idea of being "that" girl walking with her nose in a sky and seeking to be a centre of attention at all times was NO GO.

But under-confidence can lead people to shy away from new opportunities—such as a career shift or new romantic relationship—due to the fear of failure or embarrassment. And so I did, living in fear for years dreaming about a life I wish to have, always choosing the easy path to eliminate a chance of failure until my early 20s when my life started shifting.


Often people think of confidence as something that the lucky few are born with and the rest are left wishing for. Not true. Confidence is not a fixed attribute; it’s the outcome of the thoughts we think and the actions we take. It is not based on your actual ability to succeed at a task but on your belief in your ability to succeed.

Confidence is boosted when we experience a win, success, or reach our goals, but it takes a hit when our efforts don't work out, we're criticized, rejected, or simply feel a lack of external recognition.


The rise of social media (I was sceptical at first of course) was very important for me as a fitness coach and photographer to reach new clients and show my face to the world...but I was so SHY! Standing in front and behind the camera are two completely different stories.

However, the biggest change happened once I have booked a professional photo shoot with the incredibly talented female photographer at Rodos, Greece where I use to live for 5 years.

She made me feel like the most beautiful model in the world, showed me how to pose, made me laugh, and feel good about myself. She has shown me, what I could not see with my own eyes... BEAUTY, LOVE, CONFIDENCE, POWER and so much more I use to hide inside of me since I was a little girl.

As I start sharing my pictures on social media my engagement, positive feedback, and people's interest in my skills have grown and so has my self-confidence.

I have started educating myself more about the human body and mind, learning about how to archive the life I dream of, how to build a business from scratch, and spend each day doing what I enjoy, as that was my biggest dream after all. Live FREE and do what I LOVE every day.


I have followed many people that inspired me, many successful people that have a life similar to the one I dream of and I have noticed they have all something in common: They were ambitious, eager to work hard, and not afraid to try and fail, they were patient. But most of all THEY BELIEVED IN THEIR SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, AND ABILITY TO SUCCEED, they would not give up.

Their self-Confidence helped them through all those sleepless nights, failures, empty bank accounts, and all the negative feedback received on that journey until they were able to kraft their brand and create the perfect mixture of doing what they love + what the customer (followers, subscribers, clients, students,...) wants.

So following their path I have got rid of my fears. I have gotten rid of the thoughts that I am not good enough. I have got rid of the belief that I have to learn, do or buy this and that first before I begin.....and instead I JUST DID IT.

It is almost 1 year since I spend my days doing the things I love, helping people to be Healthy, Happy, and feel confident, so they can also fulfil their potential and live the life they were meant to live.

I am still at the beginning of my journey, but I have archived so much, and I have helped so many women.

None of this would ever become true if I wouldn't take the actions to grow my self-confidence, believe in my skills, knowledge, abilities and got rid of all those fears and blocking beliefs. - Zuzana


There is nothing better than living a balanced, healthy, and happy life full of self-love with the belief that you can archive anything you desire. You deserve it, believe me!

There are many ways I can help you to get there:

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Remember, If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

With Love,

Zuzana 💋

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