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It’s time to take action and start spending more time doing what you love. 


I am here to help you bring your ideas to life through mindful consulting and mentorship. From defining your dream lifestyle and laying the foundation for a purpose-driven business to crafting irresistible offers, mastering marketing, funnels and more.

Are you ready to make an income by doing what you truly love?


From Overwhelmed To Flourishing

This 3-month transformation package is designed to help you create, launch and grow your business.

This 1on1 mentorship package is for you if...

Zuzana Miraka business consultant
  • You’re a business owner or are thinking of starting a business but don’t know where to start and could benefit from some guidance.

  • You’re an entrepreneur looking to find a balance between business growth and well-being.

  • You have many talents and ideas but you are struggling to believe in your abilities and questioning your worth in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

  • You’re facing challenges with effectively branding and marketing your service, product, or skill set.

  • You feel overwhelmed, drowning in tasks, wearing multiple hats, and struggling to prioritize amidst a never-ending to-do list.

  • You struggle with figuring it out on your own and need guidance to enable you to achieve your goals.


““I really enjoyed working with Zuzana as her approach is different than others.

She not only care about your business but also about your well being which is very important. She is always ready to help and comes with amazing idea for your business.

Her creative approach to each session gives you motivation to work on yourself. She always asks you what would you like to work on so you always cover topics that are relevant and most important to you. I like her friendliness and positive attitude.

Highly recommend Zuzana.”


Photographer | Wedding, Couple & Family

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Your transformation awaits!


Define your dream, values, and ideal client, laying the foundation for a purpose-driven business strategy.


Dive into marketing fundamentals, create engaging content, and build genuine connections with your audience to drive sustainable growth.


Craft irresistible offers, understand your numbers, and confidently price your services to reflect your true worth.


Cultivate an authentic and consistent brand identity, setting you apart in a crowded market and attracting your ideal clients effortlessly.


Master funnels, sales strategies, and authentic selling techniques, turning leads into loyal clients without feeling "salesy."


Achieve the perfect balance between business growth and personal well-being, ensuring sustainable success without sacrificing your health or happiness.


Hey there!

I'm Zuzana Miraka - Your Guide to Your Great Life

I support and guide driven, creative, and passionate female professionals like you, to start and optimize your business, achieve your ultimate goals, and balance business growth and well-being while turning your passions into profits.


My purpose is to motivate and empower you, but also provide you with the tools and strategies to help you build a business that works for you rather than against you through mindful 1:1 consulting and mentorship.



I truly believe that the world would be a better place if we would all spend more time doing what we love. We should be in charge of our precious time and how we spend our day, but also how much money we make and when we choose to have a day off.


 Also, I truly believe that we can achieve anything we desire as long as we have someone to support us along the way.

My back story...

From a young age, I was immersed in the world of business, learning valuable lessons from my family of entrepreneurs. Despite facing doubts from others, including a skeptical government employee who questioned my capability of becoming self-employed back in 2020, I refused to apply for another job and decided to make it work.

It wasn’t an easy journey, let me tell you that. As a creative, I overflow with ideas. I was getting inspired by many experts from the field, but often I got discouraged by the complexity of the topic and how I apply it in my own business.

Later on in my journey, as I didn’t want to be another expert people couldn’t understand, I developed an ability to speak the language of business with simplicity and clarity. While others may drown their clients in jargon and complex concepts, I effortlessly translate them into a simple language you can understand. Not because you are not smart, but because I know that you don’t have the time or intention to join a business school to turn your passions into profits.

So, if you're tired of feeling overwhelmed by complicated business advice and seeking a guide who understands your journey, look no further. Together, we'll unlock the power of simplicity and create a path to success that's uniquely yours.

Don't let anything or anyone hold you back from living at your fullest potential.


You are one click closer to making your dreams a reality like my client J:

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business owner
business owner
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