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with Zuzana


Are you ready to transform your body, elevate your confidence & unleash your potential in life?

No more “tomorrow I really start”, because this moment is the start of your new life. You’re putting yourself first today, no matter what. Don’t worry, I will be right next to you, I will always support you and we will always be in this together.


You are an ambitious woman, but you:

….. are overwhelmed with all the short-term diets and completely lost in the world of nutrition.

…. feel uncomfortable in your own body and you know it's keeping you from living your best life.

……lack motivation to exercise, go to the gym, or do another online workout.

….. are stressed and unable to find a balance between things you “have” to do and things you would actually “love” to do.

….are not sure about the right direction in your life or business, or where to even start.


Call it stuck, call it frustrated, call it in your own way – it doesn’t really matter what words you use, it only matters that you’re feeling the struggle and you know something has to change.


I feel you girl, I have been there…But, I’m here to tell you there is a way to become the best version of yourself and live your dream life!


Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Gain more clarity about how your body function, what it needs to run properly, and how the food you eat affects your energy, mood, and appearance.

  • Reconnect with your body and mind, your dreams, desires, passions, and values so you can enjoy every day of your life once again.

  • Overcome the fears, limiting beliefs, and barriers that have been holding you back from releasing your potential.

  • Greater self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-belief in your ability and towards the achievement of your goals.

  • Set SMART goals for you to apply moving forward to ensure you thrive in life and business.

  • Feel empowered in your own skin and fall in love with that woman you see in the mirror.



You experience life as 'good' when all the main pillars of life are in balance.

Together we can work on one or all of the main pillars:








Are you ready to find a balance and start living the life you were meant to live?


You deserve a space where you can be yourself.

In my 1:1 sessions, you feel seen and loved without any judgment.

I am here to listen and advise you on the best solution for your specific problem in life or business and help you to sort through those struggles.


You deserve to invest in yourself

You are your most important asset.


Take your first step towards living your best life yet by scheduling a free discovery call with me.

In this call, we’ll look if we are the right fit to work together and how I can support you in life or business.

Are we the right match?

Choose a single session or a package of multiple sessions below. Select a date and a time to match your schedule and let's begin with your ultimate inside-out transformation.



“This program really changed my life. To be honest, when I started I was only interested in the moving and food part. But after the first session and the explanation from Zuzana, changed this completely. With her knowledge, experience, and relaxing voice, Zuzana takes you in all the sessions to a deep level of thinking and motivation. It is practical, you can change it directly, but it is also a life-changing experience. Zuzana has motivated me better than all the dietitians, psychologists, and personal trainers I've ever had without pushing me. In the beginning, I wasn't very confident about the photoshoot, but thanks to the coaching sessions and the relaxing vibe of Zuzana, it was a nice thing to do.” 

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—  Nicole


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