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Hey, I'm Zuzana!




...and I am a coach and a photographer with the mission to help YOU, women, and/or and an entrepreneur, to find balance in life, gain confidence and use these tools as the main keys to reaching what you truly DESIRE in your life. 

Studying at the School of Applied Arts in the field of Photography Design helped me to understand the way we see things, what is beauty, and how to archive it in the image. I was in love...but I wanted more.

About 10 years ago I have discovered my passion for fitness and the feeling it brought after each workout session (endorphins kicking).

All my life I have suffered from various digestive and skin issues, but with my regular sweat sessions, most of it was gone!

I start digging into nutrition and the human mind, educating myself about the human body, psychology and how is everything connected. 

With the rise of social media (I was sceptical at first of course) was very important for me as a fitness coach and photographer to reach new clients and show my face to the world...but I was so SHY! Standing in front and behind the camera are two completely different stories. 

However, the biggest change happened once I have booked a professional photoshoot with an incredibly talented female photographer at Rodos, Greece where I use to live for 5 years.

She made me feel like the most beautiful model in the world, showed me how to pose, made me laugh, and feel good about myself.

She has shown me, what I could not see with my own eyes... BEAUTY, LOVE, CONFIDENCE, POWER and so much more I use to hide inside of me since I was a little girl.

After all the years of learning about body, mind, and soul, and including photoshoots on a regular basis I could not believe that our health and well-being is pretty much in our own hands, and how a healthy amount of confidence can help you to get in your life what you want and even to fulfil some of your dreams.

Now it's my mission to make you feel the same way: beautiful and powerful, to find balance in your life, and maybe even to fulfil some of your desires.

Are you ready for a change?


Zuzana Miraka




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