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Get your FREE online copy of the 30-day Guide to Happy & Healthy Habits (for a busy woman)

Your go-to guide when feeling stressed, stuck, overwhelmed in your everyday life and work, or simply seeking to improve your lifestyle and find balance in your life.


Hey, I'm Zuzana!



I am a Coach & Creative Entrepreneur on the mission to help women and other entrepreneurs to live confident, Happy & Healthy life and use it as the main tool to fulfilling their desires, take control of their life and business stress-free, and help them to archive a balanced and happy life they deserve.

My services

Let's build you a strong & healthy body!

Select your favourite group class from the schedule, or book a private class and workout with me whenever it suits you the most.

I help you to build a strong and toned body, improve your mood and energy levels while naturally increasing your confidence.

Let me support you in your life's journey!

In the 1on1 online coaching sessions or program, we are going to look into some of the most important pillars of your life taking you on step by step journey of self-discovery and transformation combining mindset, movement, nutrition, beauty, confidence, and photography to help you archive healthier, happier and more confident life.


Find the right balance on your plate!

Gain more clarity about how your body function in "The Nutrition Talk", what it needs to run properly, and how the food you eat affects your energy, mood, and appearance. Your safe space to learn and grow, ask questions and share your feelings in the 1:1 environment.

One small step a day makes a difference!

Join one of my free Online Programs and accomplish a simple challenge that may change your life forever! One small step today may be better than planning to start everything at once somewhere in the future (hello New Year's resolutions). If you want to feel and look better, then create a new habit TODAY! Let me support you to stay motivated and consistent with my free challenges.


The easiest way to learn is to read!

Check out my personal wellness blog about learn about nutrition, movement or beauty tricks. Discover some of my favourite and easy recipes. Believe me, healthy living doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen or spend your life counting calories! Actually the opposite! Let me show you some of my tricks and tips. Feel free to leave a heart or comment to let me know which blog post is your favourite.

These are the ways I can help you...

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”
– Blake Lively
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